24 September 2016

My Every Day Notebook

All my readers know I carry notebook(s) daily, but what do I have in it? 
This post will have an insight of my current Every Day Notebook.


I have been carrying these notebooks for the past months:
- Field Notes Sweet Tooth as Weekly Planner;
- Field Notes America The Beautiful as my Random Notebook;
- & PocketMod for my To-Do-List. 

They are great for I love pocket size notebook(s) and I can easily stuff them into the side pocket of my pants. Having them separated is easily for me to organize my stuffs. 

But.... I changed. 

20 September 2016

Write of the Day - 20092016

I enjoy writing, particularly useful quotes or notes i read from the internet.

While writing tonight, I think i should share what I have written with my reader, and here we go, Write of the Day for 20 Sept 2016.


19 September 2016

Cristina Gomes Leather Cover

Few months back, I decided to invest in a A6 leather cover.

Why A6, many people asked?

At first, I wasn't a great fan of A6 notebook as I very much preferred something smaller, but not too small. Passport size is too small, and A6 is slightly too big, so I choose Field Notes.

But I realized, A6 size is actually a very comfortable size to write in.

After much consideration on if I should get another leather cover, I decided to get one.

After browsing around, I discovered Cristina Leather on Facebook.

A business card as reference.

13 June 2016

Inside My Camel Traveler's Notebook

My Camel Traveler's Notebook is my current new Every Day Carry.

For this Traveler's Notebook, I want to keep it as simple and as thin as possible, so that it will be easy for me to carry it around.
But at the same time, I want to be able to the most out of this TN.

1. A planner that allows me to write down my schedules, and also, a space where I can draw, doodle and write quotes.
2. A notebook for Brain Dump and important reads.
3. A pouch to store my accessories.
4. A pen loop that will not obstruct when I write.
5. Card slots.

So far, I guess the Setup has met all the requirements.

What's in my Traveler's Notebook:
- 019 Free Diary;
- 003 Blank Note;
- Advanced Zipper pouch
- Sakura Pigma Micron Pen size 03