6 December 2017

My new Planner(s).

With 2017 coming to end, it is the time to get a new planner *headache no more*. 

My new planner(s) will be the Field Notes 56-Week Planner, and the Field Notes Resolution Date Book. I personally like the white base for the Date Book, as it certainly catch some attention.

I have started these new planners for a few days, and I’m still trying to get use to it.

27 November 2017

Field Notes Winter 2017 edition - Resolution

With 2017 coming to an end, Field Notes launched an amazing edition that allow their users to be more organised. 

If you are a planner user who prefer a small planner who enjoy having a planner by your side all the time, Resolution is the solution.

Let me break them down into White, Blue and Red. 

The White is a 56-weeks planner with a full view of the week in one single page. It offers 4-lines per day for you to keep your day neat and simple. 

The Blue and The Red are both a Check-Book that allows you to pen down your To-Do-Lists. A simple concept that allows you to check-off the things you have completed - the marking of achievements. 

The bonus for this issue, I’ll say, is the 2018 calendar card; a simple tool for easy reference. 

Not sure if you’ll like this edition? 
My question is, “What’s your Resolution for 2018?”

12 November 2017

Keeping a journal...

Keeping a journal by my side allows me to pen down my thoughts as and when I needed.
Some times, I will call it a brain-dump rather than a journal.
Keeping a notebook of such allows me to put out any issues on my mind and then slowly come to a solution.
That is how amazing a journal works for me - it's like a unspoken consultant for me at times.

24 October 2017

My Muji Field Notes sleeve

Went shopping at Muji, and discovered this sleeve that I guess will fit Field Notes perfectly. 

And I’m right! 

It’s does fit a single Field Notes nicely! Not only that, I’m able to slot in my Lamy Vista fountain pen in it. 

To add colour to the black background, I’ve added the Field Notes Campfire edition patch to it; its simply beautiful! 

Carry this daily allows me to journal anywhere anytime. I’ve also some index card for me to pen useful information when necessary.